CleanWork Documentation


The CleanWork documentation will teach you everything you need to know about the tools we have to offer.

The Daily Finder

The Daily Finder tool scours the internet for up coming cleaning contracts daily. To see upcoming contracts click the blue pick your state button in the top right hand corner, pick your specific state, and voila! You will see a list of all up coming contracts.

Sub Solicitor

Got a contract coming up that you want to sub out? Great! The Sub Solicitor can help with that. Once your signed in click your company name in the top right hand corner. In that drop down you will see 'solicitations'. Click it! You will then come to your solicitation page which gives an indepth view of any solicitations you post. To add a solicitation click the 'add solicitation' button. You will then be brought to the 'Post Solicitation' form fill it out, and wait for the subcontractors to come'a knockin!

Master List

Your Master List keeps all of your current and potential contracts in one place. To get to your master list click on your company name in the top right hand corner, then click 'Master List' in the dropdown menu. Once you get to your Master List, will find all of your contracts. You can add your own contracts to your Master List by clicking the 'Add Contract' button. Any contract you add is for your eyes only. It will not be posted to the public. To add a contract you find on CleanWork to your master list, simply click the Master List icon.

Contract Insight and Notifications

Once you add a contract you will be able to fill in more personal details about the contract below the solicitation. You can set a date to be notified about the contract, and add quote information. If you currently have this contract the quote information will be added to your current contracts on the dashboard and to your FRR (Forcasted Recurring Revenue). If you dont currently have the contract, all quote information is added to yor PRR (Potential Recurring Revenue).

Big Dripper

Coming soon!